Case Study
Offshoring enabled Gulliver Online Shopping to Increase Revenue Exponentially Year-On-Year

Japan’s multi-billion dollar online retail market has been growing at the rate of 17% since 2005. Despite the economic slowdown, annual growth is expected to average 10% over the next 5 years. There is fierce competition among a very large number of online merchants trying to attract 90 million internet users. Gulliver Online Shopping (GOS), which currently carries about 7,800 items from 250 brands in 12 online stores, is one of them.

To be able to get ahead in such an environment, timing the roll out of eye-catching content and relevant sale events is critical. Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing, Inc., has developed production processes, support systems, KPIs, and multi-level quality checks that are all geared towards very quick turn-around-times while maintaining the highest quality standards in service deliveries. This allows GOS to focus on marketing, sales promotion, and inventory management, enabling them to identify and take advantage of online opportunities as they present themselves. The result for GOS is an average yearly increase in revenue of 41% and an average increase in profit of 80%.

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